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Voting - The Palatables
Jan 042012

With Rick Santorum opposing sodomy and gay marriage, he needs a new slogan

Rick Santorum, who just tied for the lead in the Iowa Republican caucus, is a vehemently anti-gay marriage, anti “sodomy” crusader.Factoring in that “sodomy” includes premarital sex, Rick Santorum, a “small government, anti business regulation” Republican, still believes that government should be big enough to govern over how individuals live their personal and sexual lives. With that kind of hypocrisy, a new slogan is in order. Special thanks to Dan Savage for “calling it like it is,” and single-handedly making it impossible for such a hater of humanity to ever be elected president of the United States..
For more on the Savage santorum story:

Nov 222011

Congress has a nine percent approval rating, so who still votes for these cowns?

With a nine percent approval rating, ninety one percent of Americans agree that the US Congress is a huge failure, all of them. So who’s still voting for these jack-asses?