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Pepper Spray - The Palatables
Nov 212011

We keep getting told that tasers and mace are non-lethal, but that's not exactly true.

Despite the assertion that both tasers and mace are non-lethal weapons, tasers have killed a few hundred people and pepper spray has caused pain, Injury and hospitalization in victims. And both weapons should only be used when absolutely necessary.

Sep 272011

NYPD police pepper spray wall street protesters at random.

Seems like NYPD has permission to pepper spray people at random at Occupy Wall Street. The Palatables want to join the NYPD and get to mace people too. They want the same freedom the police seem to have to do whatever they want

Sep 262011

NYPD Police Spokesman versus your own eyes.

The NYPD official spokesman approves of Anthony Bologna’s macing non-violent Occupy Wall Street protesters. But everyone else sees abuse. When the NYPD Police Spokesman says one thing and your eyes say another, who do you believe?