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occupywallstreet - The Palatables
Oct 272011

Police use brutal tactics in Oakland

Police use brutal tactics while suppressing Occupy protests in Oakland. So why isn’t the media covering it more. NOTE: This was before the Iraq war vet Scott Olsen story caught on.

Oct 022011

NYPD gets rough with NYC Occupy protesters.

NYPD gets rough with NYC Occupy protesters. Who do you call when cops misbehave? And why do they seem to be having such a hard time protecting the Constitution?

Sep 272011

NYPD police pepper spray wall street protesters at random.

Seems like NYPD has permission to pepper spray people at random at Occupy Wall Street. The Palatables want to join the NYPD and get to mace people too. They want the same freedom the police seem to have to do whatever they want

Sep 252011

Vague Occupy Wall Street Signage

The Occupy Wall Street signage and intentions come under scrutiny for vagueness of meaning. It’s evolving, but the message is still unclear.