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Law Enforcement - The Palatables
Dec 122011

US police forces are getting weapons and money for weapons, and they're using them against citizens

The Federal government is giving local police forces tanks and money for heavy weaponry, and police are increasingly turning those weapons against occupy protests and other citizens. Machine guns and tanks have been turning up in police efforts to counter these peaceful protests. How long before this gets out of control?

Nov 212011

We keep getting told that tasers and mace are non-lethal, but that's not exactly true.

Despite the assertion that both tasers and mace are non-lethal weapons, tasers have killed a few hundred people and pepper spray has caused pain, Injury and hospitalization in victims. And both weapons should only be used when absolutely necessary.

Nov 012011

Couple arrested and daughter taken over $5 sandwich.

Crazy because it’s true, a pregnant couple was jailed and their other little daughter taken away overnight, for forgetting to pay for $5 dollars in sandwiches that they ate while shopping. Safeway called the police on them even after the couple offered to pay. Safeway later refused to admit wrongdoing.

BE: This really happened:

Oct 272011

Police use brutal tactics in Oakland

Police use brutal tactics while suppressing Occupy protests in Oakland. So why isn’t the media covering it more. NOTE: This was before the Iraq war vet Scott Olsen story caught on.

Oct 022011

NYPD gets rough with NYC Occupy protesters.

NYPD gets rough with NYC Occupy protesters. Who do you call when cops misbehave? And why do they seem to be having such a hard time protecting the Constitution?