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Holidays - The Palatables
Dec 212011

With all the craziness and pressure of the holiday season, people would really like a holiday for peaceful quiet.

With all the craziness and pressure people feel over the holiday season, what we could all really use is a holiday for peaceful quiet.

Nov 282011

What to do with so much pressure to buy for Christmas? Credit or Screwed or???

So many ads for people to buy buy buy for the holidays, with so much news about people being out of work and out of credit. What are people to do?

Nov 242011

To the 535 turkeys in uS Congress and Senate

This thanksgiving, we’re giving thanks that the American people, via Occupy, are finally waking up to the 535 turkeys in the US Congress and Senate.

Nov 232011

President Obama pardoned 2 turkeys for Thanksgiving. But what about the turkeys in US Congress?

Every Thanksgiving, the US President “pardons” two turkeys who, instead of getting eaten, are sent to live long happy lives on a farm. But what shall we do with the turkeys we’ve elected to the US Congress?