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Comics - 2/11 - The Palatables
Dec 222011

When politicians act like circus clowns, they should get paid like clowns.

As Washington DC grows more like an absurd drunk-sailor circus without a ring-master, debating payroll tax breaks endlessly while people suffer, it’s time to institute performance pay for politicians. If a politician does well for the people, pay him/her/it well, if he/she/it acts like a clown, make him/her/it pay the people back. – Payroll Tax Tiff Times 25 Awaits Congress in Utter Dysfunction

Dec 212011

With all the craziness and pressure of the holiday season, people would really like a holiday for peaceful quiet.

With all the craziness and pressure people feel over the holiday season, what we could all really use is a holiday for peaceful quiet.

Dec 202011

The early FDR promise of the Obama Presidency has become a bid to avoid Carter status instead.

While Barack Obama was compared to FDR during his first presidential campaign, with all the Progressive hope for positive people’s empowerment that the name FDR suggests, Obama’s followers now for the most part just hope his presidency doesn’t end up being seen in the same disastrous light as Jimmy Carter’s one term in the White House. – Why Obama is no FDR