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Bill Emett - The Palatables

Bill Emett

After years of writing, painting poorly, and drawing even more poorly, Bill Emett has combined those dubious skills with an abiding interest in politics and society and created one semi-palatable package in the political-social comic strip, The Palatables.

Jan 052012

As Republicans race to the right, truth fails in the face of eager to please conservative rhetoric

With Republican candidates competing with each other to see who can support the most self-contradictory far right positions, such as advocating for corporate personhood in the name of freedom and small government, while seeking to deny gays equal rights and increase governmental intrusion upon women who want the right to choose what to do with their own bodies, it seems that the only thing you need to be a Republican candidate for president these days, is the ability to loudly proclaim an (occasionally shifting) strong set of conservative beliefs.