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Ass-Clown Congress
Nov 222011

Congress has a nine percent approval rating, so who still votes for these cowns?

With a nine percent approval rating, ninety one percent of Americans agree that the US Congress is a huge failure, all of them. So who’s still voting for these jack-asses?

  3 Responses to “Ass Clown Congress”

  1. I like the direction this comic is taking. They’re too busy trying to make (bad) news to read it. Also, why is the president’s poll number the only one that seems to matter?

  2. Thanks Mark. Even better, 9% Congressional approval is practically the same as zero percent in that you could probably get 9% of a polling sample to approve of a turd bagel – or anything for that matter.

  3. I am not part of the turd-bagel 9%

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